Seeing as this blog is based on my love of public health, I think it would be appropriate to give a brief explanation behind that.

Why start a blog in the first place? Well, a career is something of a personal relationship. It’s a commitment that, like all relationships, needs to be nourished and cherished. Throughout my career I hope to never stop learning and never lose the inspiration I currently feel for public health and epidemiology. My goal is to use this blog as a journal for myself that I can access anywhere in the world my work may take me, and be able to remember every big moment on my journey, and even the small ones too. I want to be able to reflect on my adventures and revitalize my zeal for public health, epi, and life.

So to continue this explanation: why devote my life to public health? For starters, I like to think of public health as the world’s Secret Service, protecting people from debilitating disease, mutating viruses, deadly pandemics, bioterrorism… superhero stuff, in my opinion! That is the main source of my boundless enthusiasm. But the source of my passion… the depths-of-my-soul passion that pushes me to work my hardest, is that disease is ugly; it hurts society, communities, families, and individuals. It is sneaky, painful, and deadly. AND IT IS PREVENTABLE!

We all know someone who has been afflicted by disease, and we all know the terrible pain it brings. My compassion compels me to make my life’s work a fight to improve health and control disease, ultimately helping to make the world a better place.

I can’t imagine doing anything else.


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