My name is Sarah Phillips. I am a public health enthusiast with a passion for epidemiology, research, and health promotion, and am currently in my last year of the MPH Program at UF. I thrive when challenged and constantly seek to improve my knowledge and skills so that my efforts will be of greater value to the public. My commitment to public health stems from my ultimate goal: that my work be instrumental in informing and empowering our nation so that we are a healthier society. This Spring I will continue my educational journey interning at the Southeastern National Tuberculosis Center in the field of infectious disease research. My background in disease prevention and biomedical research methods has led to interests in disease etiology and control, epidemiologic research, and health outreach. I love studying infectious diseases, and I am currently seeking opportunities that will allow me to experience work with a varied set of diseases.

I am proud to say that I love what I do, and that’s really what this blog is about. I hope it’s used as a way for me to share my journey with friends and family, and I want to use it to keep myself motivated and to never forget why I love public health.

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